Malley: Efforts to revive JCPOA are ‘in a critical phase’


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Malley: Efforts to revive JCPOA are ‘in a critical phase’
Warns ‘time is not on our side. The JCPOA cannot survive forever’
OCTOBER 25, 2021

WASHINGTON – “We’re in a critical phase of the efforts to see whether we can revive the JCPOA,” said US Special Envoy for Iran Rob Malley in a phone briefing on Monday. Malley reiterated President Joe Biden’s commitment not to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, and noted that if diplomacy fails, “we have other tools and we will use other tools to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.” Malley also warned that “time is not on our side,” and that “the JCPOA cannot survive forever.” He did not, however, specify a deadline to resume talks, nor did he detail what “other tools” the US has.

“We had six rounds of talks and now we’ve had a hiatus of many months, and the official reason given by Iran for why we’re in this hiatus are wearing very thin,” Malley said. “Particularly because at the same time as they are not coming to the table, that they’re not prepared to discuss how we could resume mutual compliance with the JCPOA, they are taking steps to expand their nuclear program, and they’re putting additional obstacles on the work of the IAEA, all of which is in contradiction or inconsistent with what they claim to be their desire to come back to the JCPOA.”