Male flight attendants can wear dresses now


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I’m guessing the reprobates will be demanding the name “Virgin” be changed. They could go to the air craft graveyard and resurrect some “Trans World Airlines” uniforms and paraphernalia - :puke
Oh I could definitely see that coming. It’s just a matter of time. Good riddance!


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I agreed these issues problem. However, some man love dress like men (kind of Monk or Ancient in Europe clothes. Like not use jean but comfort clothes. You know what I mean to saying?

Male dress like woman (I disagreed) This Earth need Jesus,
I think it depends on the motives behind things.

For the religious reasons you mentioned like monks, etc. that is fine as they are not trying to do something awfully perverted like the LGBTQ folks.

Scottish people who wear kilts is a cultural thing as is Middle Eastern people who wear the long white robes, etc.

However, the LGBTQ folks are trying to change themselves into something they can’t be. The LGBTQ stuff is a mental disorder. No amount of lipstick, female clothes, hormone therapy, etc. will ever make a man a woman.

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You might be as old as I am if you remember TWA ! I actually remember seeing the planes, as well as Braniff.

My first flight was on Braniff... to Colombia S.A.

I've been a frequent flier in recent years but probably will be mostly driving after I resettle in the lower 48. I might need to fly to Alaska a time or two after that, but that might just be it... until the govmint limits the miles we can drive... then I don't know what I'll do.

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You might be as old as I am if you remember TWA ! I actually remember seeing the planes, as well as Braniff.

I've flown on more of them than I can remember because that's who the Army had a contract with. We used to call them The Worst Airlines for many reasons, including safety and flight crew rudeness and incometence. Their concourse at the St Louis Airport was by far the filthiest I ever saw in any US airport and the restrooms there were absolutely disgusting :puke

Although the Trans World Express (TWE) between St Louis and Fort Leonard Wood was usually nice because usually very few passengers (expensive ticket for the distance) and small plane. Except the day I sat in my seat and the soaked (dark) cushion wasn't a spilled drink :puke The flight was full, so no changing seats :mad The stewardess was so rude she never even apologized, never offered me anything to sit on (some nice passenger did have a newspaper and plastic bag that he gave me, though, and I found a nasty airline blanket somewhere). I never got an apology, coupon, etc. from TWA. I hope whatever General or Senior Executive Service civilian that got my miles when all of the miles we had earned on official were seized by the Army, choked on them :tappingfoot

Braniff was better, but not as good as North Central (later bought by Eastern to become Republic, later bought by Northwest). North Central was by far the best, but as it got sold and resold, deterioration happened :frown
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