Male flight attendants can wear dresses now


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Well I suppose they could get away with it by calling the dress a kilt, especially if they wore a big sword with the outfit and smelled like scotch whiskey.

More realistically, this is yet another shining example of just how deeply God's enemy has woven his servants into the most influential positions in our culture. Devil worship is on a fast track to being imposed not only on America but on the world as the official state religion. So what we see today is only a small sample of what we will see tomorrow.

Once feminism was normalized, and then homosexuality, the world got onto a path that could not have led anywhere else. We know who led us onto that path and where it leads, and we try to make that known, but those who happily sing and dance along the path don't want to listen to us. And the false church walks along with them, following the manmade (and devil inspired) commandment thou shalt not be intolerant, nor shalt thou openly condemn sin. A point has to come where God's people walk away from the fools following that path I suppose, and shake the dust off our feet as we do.

I just keep reminding myself that nothing happens without God allowing it to happen. The world is drawing the weak to it and away from God more aggressively every day now, with the message of devil worship broadcast loudly by liberal media and programmed into our kids in the government schools. And it looks to me like it's all according to God's plan, even though I'm sure it grieves Him to see it. Those who are filtered out by the world belong with what the Bible tells us is the god of this world, not with God the Creator. So all is as it should be.

Just remember the intense hatred of God's people that His enemy programmed into those drawn to the world, and prepare for what's coming. Be strong in your faith, remembering that whatever this world throws at you is only temporary.