Malaysian Airliner Crashes in Ukraine


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My question is, what idiot flies an airliner into a combat zone??

Well apparently as I mentioned earlier, conflict zones internationally are getting harder to avoid as there's more of them. My local news radio was saying higher altitude would ensure such planes don't get struck by the likes of surface-to-air missiles in these areas but those missiles may be extending their reach and gaining new heights now.

Btw the corridor this airliner was travelling along is apparently quite common.


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The airliner was flying at an altitude of 32,000 feet, would not that be International air space at that height? I look for more of this happening in the very near future, maybe even here in America. I believe the first seal is about to be broke open.


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Leading HIV researchers lost as flight MH17 is downed in Ukraine - Telegraph
The attacked Malaysia Airlines flight was carrying more than 100 of the world's top Aids experts who were flying to an international conference in Melbourne, including leading HIV researcher and "true humanitarian" Joep Lange.

AIDS researcher Joep Lange confirmed among dead in Malaysia jet shoot-down - The Washington Post

She said Lange’s death was a particular loss, noting that he was the driving force behind the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development.

“He was coming to share with us his deep insights in attacking the HIV epidemic from his long-standing and leading role in work across the world but particularly in Asia and Africa. Joep was a a calm voice but an absolutely fierce and committed advocate for access to HIV care for all. He was unafraid of speaking the truth and especially willing to take public officials to task when they deserved it.