Major Hurricane to hit Gulf Coast


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I didn't think to check in until now!
I am in Baton Rouge. We are good.
My husband, though, has been locked in at work since Saturday. He is a Supervisor at a steel mill in St. James Parish. They sustained significant damage. He said it could be weeks, if not longer before they are up and running again. He is exhausted.

And please realize, it's not just NOLA that was hit hard. It is all of SELA.


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I see that NY city is coppin heavy floods, i've never seen the subways almost completely under water !!!
It happened during Sandy. Last night the entire Mid Atlantic got hammered with heavy rains. I live in the central part of Long Island in a hilly area so it was not too bad. The North Shore got hit there the hardest. Praying for all affected.


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I just got back Tuesday evening after evacuating with my family. I live about 30 miles to the west of the track that Ida took after it went by Houma and Thibodaux (a small town called Napoleonville). We lost a lot of shingles on our roof and the siding on one wall is all gone. Thankfully no structural damage. We just got electricity back last night. I thank God that we still have a house to come back to.


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I was shocked seeing the footage out of New York. I honestly wasn't paying attention to the weather reports as I thought Ida had been downgraded and last I heard it was headed for Lousiana which was so far from some immediate concerns in my life. It's hard to wrap my mind around what is happening. It's too much all at once. Our area has had so much drought so it seems extremes really are ruling the day.