Mac found an abandoned tiny kitten


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Farmland is the normal drop-off spot for those too irresponsible to deal with their problem.

One year, we had as many as 12 cats. Most did not live long do to disease, foxes, and abandoned dogs.

I remember the burlap sack days. We found a couple in the local creek.

From the looks of society, people do not treat their kids much better.
You are correct on all points.

This world is a miserable and evil place, and its a long and lonesome road.

Jesus is my all.......!


Baby kitten is still not doing well. Mac has taken a stool sample to the vet and is picking up more meds for him.

Cheyenne is kind of lethargic and weak and still has loose stools. I am very worried about him. Prayers needed. :pray
I’m praying for him. It’s so hard when they’re sick.
Have you had him tested for FIV and FeLV? I've done TNR and have rescued and TNR failed. I’ve had double positives, they’ve had both FIV and FeLV, FIV positives, and negatives.
Hopefully the new meds will help. I’m not a vet and am not giving medical advice, I just have had a cat that had issues with diahrrea that we did all kinds of testing and the vet couldn’t find the cause. S Boulidari can be used to help diahrrea. It’s a yeast based probiotic. It helps C Diff in humans and I’ve used it for Coccidia in cats.
Praying for the little guy.


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We have many rescue cats here. I have about 6-8 that come for dinner each night and we took in so many inside that we can't take anymore. We have a big heart for animals. One of our outside cats either fell off the roof or got hit by a car and she had a dislocated hip and the tail broken in two places. About $1,200 later we had a new inside cat. :doh :mad

About 2 years ago one of the kitten outside was found out in the street with his arm paralyzed. He was following the mama cat. My wife got him and we took him to the vet. One arm removed and $900 later, we had another inside cat. :doh :mad

We can only do so much, but we do what we can. I told my wife we must have an invisible sign with an arrow pointing down over our house that only cats can read that says "Cat suckers live here!" :lol

Chris, you sound like exactly like us. There are a lot of us out there. My aunt lost her dog years ago, and while trying to find him and responding to calls she ran across dozens of animal lovers. It was so encouraging.