Lyrics to Praise to the Lord, the Almighty


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I had never paid much attention to the words of this hymn, but I subscribe to violinist Taryn Hardbridge's Youtube account, and she played this song. One of the commenters posted the lyrics. I did not know how uplifting it is, so I thought I would share them.

1 Praise to the Lord, the almighty, the king of creation!
O my soul, praise him, for he is your health and salvation!
Come, all who hear; brothers and sisters draw near,
praise him in glad adoration!

2 Praise to the Lord, above all things so mightily reigning;
keeping us safe at his side and so gently sustaining.
Have you not seen all you have needed
has been met by his gracious ordaining?

3 Praise to the Lord, who when darkness and sin are abounding,
who when the godless are rampant, all goodness confounding,
shines with his light, scatters the terror of night,
safely his people surrounding.

4 Praise to the Lord, who shall prosper our work and defend us;
surely his goodness and mercy shall daily attend us.
Ponder anew what the almighty can do,
who with his love will befriend us.

5 Praise to the Lord - O let all that is in me adore him!
All that has life and breath, come now with praises before him!
Let the "Amen!" sound from his people again;
gladly with praise we adore him!