Lordship Salvation: The Latest Works Based Salvation Plan

Wings Like Eagles

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The enemy of our souls cleverly uses words to trick people into deception like “Lordship Salvation.” The sound of it could attract a person’s attention enough to want to look into it.

Sounds good to the ears but salvation is based on grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ plus nothing else. Now once you realize what he has done for you and accepted his payment on the cross for your sins (past, present and future) you will want to live your life in such a way to please him but not to gain your salvation. Salvation is gained once you believe and accept His payment. I can’t put it into fine words like Mattfourfive but I hope I made sense.
Yes, it would not be grace if one must earn it. Now, once having gained salvation, by the power of the Holy Spirit (grace through faith), His work of sanctification begins until the day that one dies or Jesus comes to collect His Church prior to the Tribulation. In my opinion, "Lordship Salvation" puts the "cart before the horse."