Looking past the distractions


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Whenever we have a major series of events in the USA, I like to look around and see what we are being distracted from.

With the riots and protesting, I've noticed there has been almost no coverage on our escalating tensions with China. We sent three more ships to their area, yet I've seen only one small news report about it. North Korea is insinuating they may raid the DMZ. Very little coverage on this too.

Things with China are about to kick into high gear. The monetary block isn't big enough for two bullies anymore. I think both sides are antagonistic towards the other and it will lead to something, I just dont know what. Possibly war? Something is going on behind the scenes, but the only proof I have is that there is no proof, no media coverage as you would expect with so much going on. An extremely weak argument and standpoint. That said, I feel like we are nearing war with China and we seem to want it, as do they. The winner controls the new economy.