Longing for Home


He is able to save
Hi guys, whenever I hear songs like this one below, it really makes me long for Home. These past few weeks, I've been feeling very burdened and sad about my friends who don't know my Jesus. For some reason, one friend's name particularly has been weighing on my mind. I really wonder deeply about people's lives...and wonder if they know the Lord...things that only the Lord would know. And I keep thinking about Heaven. I long for all of us to meet again in our glorified bodies perfected by God's grace. I want to meet everyone there in a big family reunion that's untainted by sin or imperfection. Anyhow, that's just my thoughts for today. Here's the music video, I can Only Imagine.



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I feel the same way, Holly. Thanks for that video. I have always liked that song. It is so true— I can only imagine my response when I am finally face to face with my Savior and God.