Likud MKs to A-G: "Why did you interfere in the election?"


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Likud MKs to A-G: "Why did you interfere in the election?"
Transcripts were revealed from Sunday's cabinet meeting, where it was decided to form a committee to inspect the police investigation department. several MKS criticized the A-G harshly.
FEBRUARY 15, 2020

According to transcripts revealed on Channel 12 on Friday, three MKs: Bezalel Smotritch, Yariv Levin, and Dudi Amsalem, harshly criticized the Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblit, at last Sunday's cabinet meeting, while the Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu sat on the sidelines and said nothing. MKs at the meeting also came to the decision to form a committee to inspect the activities of the police investigation department.

Transportation minister Smotritch told Mandelblit: "I feel so uncomfortable that the cabinet is gathering to discuss something as trivial as the question of whether the government inspect the bodies which are under its jurisdiction. You will never convince us that we don't have the right… the only objection I have is that it's limited to only the police investigation department." Tourism Minister Levin added: "Turns out that it's not a problem to take judicial decisions during an election, it's no problem having a hearing or turning in an indictment during elections. Even when the Prime Minister is abroad, you have to do it that same day. If your position was consistent throughout it would have been convincing. But as is, it's unacceptable and inappropriate intervention in the elections."

Communication Minister Amsalem was the boldest of them all: "You yourself have taken decisions about the Prime Minister. Why did you intervene in the election?" he said. "Why was it necessary? Why was it urgent? By the way, you also appointed Liat Ben-Ari during the election. You have to be inspected. I'm being inspected from all directions, every clerk and every paralegal adviser. No one is inspecting you. It is not related to the election and it's best left alone." It was also reported that several MKs left the meeting as it was happening.