Likud MK: We all made mistakes, including myself


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Likud MK: We all made mistakes, including myself
MK Miki Zohar in TV interview: The only way Gantz can be PM is if he joins with the Likud.
Elad Benari, Canada , Sep 17 , 2021 11:35 PM
Miki Zohar.

MK Miki Zohar (Likud) told Channel 12 News in an interview on Friday that the Likud had made “mistakes” that caused it to lose power and end up in the opposition. "We all made mistakes, including myself. No one can evade responsibility for this. The only way to return to the leadership of the state is if we know how to correct the mistakes we have made. If we say that it's all because of the incitement in the media or the persecution it will not bring us back to the leadership of the state. Our claims are just, but there has to be a way to convince the public. The public at home is not at all interested in our arguments. He is interested in what will happen tomorrow morning," said Zohar.

"We should not take all the credit for the inflammatory discourse," continued Zohar. "Our political opponents also created this inflammatory discourse and we were dragged into it. Often times, when you attack instead of trying to persuade, the public refuses to listen and you fail to persuade it." Asked if making changes also includes the need to replace the chairman of the Likud, Benjamin Netanyahu, Zohar replied, "The exact opposite is true. We can win an election with Netanyahu. We can grow the right-wing bloc with Netanyahu. We have the best chairman among all of them, with proven actions and abilities that no one on the right, left or the media can disagree with."