Likud MK blasts Hadash: They are supporters of terrorism


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Likud MK blasts Hadash: They are supporters of terrorism
MK Shlomo Karhi livid at statement issued by Hadash party against what it defined as "escalating harassment of Palestinian political prisoners."
Hezki Baruch , Sep 09 , 2021
Shlomo Karhi.

MK Shlomo Karhi (Likud) on Wednesday night attacked the announcement made by the Hadash party on the terrorists who escaped from the Gilboa Prison. "Six dangerous terrorists with blood on their hands escaped from prison and a party represented in the Knesset by three MKs, supports them, and calls for the release of the other terrorists from prison as well."

"They are simply supporters of terrorism. Their place is behind bars for supporting the enemy," Karhi added. The Hadash statement which had been posted to its Twitter account read, "No more harassment of political prisoners. The Israeli Communist Party (Maki) and the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash) warn against the escalation of oppression and harassment of Palestinian political prisoners in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, and against the ostentatious operations in Arab localities in the Jezreel Valley and Wadi Ara."