Likud MK Barkat calls for patience on Netanyahu plea decision


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Likud MK Barkat calls for patience on Netanyahu plea decision
Netanyahu faced criticism over the weekend from former IDF chief of staff Gadi Eizenkot, who is likely to enter politics soon.
Published: JANUARY 21, 2022

MK Nir Barkat, the leading candidate in the polls to succeed opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu as head of Likud, addressed Netanyahu’s negotiations on a plea agreement for the first time on Friday. Barkat said he had made a point of being silent and refusing interviews because he felt obligated to enable Netanyahu to make his decision without unnecessary pressure.

“I have supported Netanyahu for many years to run the country and the party, and I also support him now and will respect any decision he makes with his family,” said Barkat. “These days are not easy for him, so I want to strengthen him. Especially now, we are stronger if united and only together can we topple our bad government and return the national camp to power.”

Barkat’s comment was seen as criticism of fellow Likud leadership candidate Israel Katz, who has been quoted as saying that the race for Likud leader has already started and that Netanyahu will leave the party leadership sooner than expected.