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Likud minister testifies in Netanyahu investigation

Discussion in 'Israel & Middle East News' started by Chris, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Chris

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    Likud minister testifies in Netanyahu investigation
    By Eliyahu Kamisher, Udi Shaham, Yonah Jeremy Bob
    11 January 2017 21:50
    Benjamin Netanyahu

    Tourism Minister Yariv Levin was questioned by police on Sunday as part of a corruption investigation, termed Case 2000, into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s alleged dealings with Yediot Aharonot publisher Arnon “Noni” Mozes. Levin, from the Likud, was questioned on his role in promoting legislation in 2014 termed the “Israel Hayom bill,” which sought to end the paper’s free distribution, Channel 2 reported on Wednesday. The bill did not become law.

    At a meeting of the Likud faction on Wednesday night, the prime minister said he would not provide information on the matter, but was “aware of all the details,” reiterating what he has said throughout the investigation: “There will be nothing, because there is nothing.” Netanyahu discussed reducing the amount of commercial ads in Yediot’s main competitor, Israel Hayom, in recorded conversations with Mozes, Channel 10 reported. It was previously reported that the two men discussed discontinuing Israel Hayom’s weekend edition. Mozes is due to be questioned again by police in the coming days, the report said.

    Netanyahu contends that he was lying in the recording in order to expose extortion by Mozes, Channel 10 reported. According to the report, the Justice Ministry sees a clear-cut attempt at bribery by Mozes, but it is unclear whether Netanyahu violated the law. In addition, police will ask Sara Netanyahu, possibly as soon as Thursday, to give testimony on the gifts she received, reportedly including large amounts of pink champagne.

    Meanwhile, Environmental Protection and Jerusalem Affairs Minister Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) will also reportedly give testimony on the genesis of the Israel Hayom bill. Allegations are pouring in accusing Yediot of giving favorable coverage to certain MKs and blacklisting others.


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