Life on Earth How the Lord Might Explain It

Tiger Lily

Looking up! Luke 21:28
The Contrast, the Choice:
Life on Earth How the Lord Might Explain It

Life here on earth is not how I please,
The evil one's tainted nearly all that he sees.
You've seen what he causes: pain, tears and death,
He reflects Hell where one rues every breath.
Let your tears show you my joys have more worth--
And help one to value my blessings on earth.

Life here is contrast, don't let that truth fade,
Follow me or follow him, a choice must be made.
You will through it all see life when it's sad,
And life when it's happy, upbeat and glad.
Then you must choose the path that you'll take
Heaven or Hell? There’s so much at stake!

My joys are mere hints of treasures in store
In Heaven for those who enter my door.
The choice is so clear, from experience you've had,
Eternally happy or eternally sad.
Make up your mind, please come take my hand,
Choose life up above, it’s immeasurably grand.

by T. LILY