Liberty Bell - (A Poem)


fully dependent upon His grace
We need to ring the Liberty Bell
'cause many men are heading for hell.
Eternity is a long time to spend
in darkness, in torment, without a friend.
Is life that important to make a name
while others are crying from beneath the flame?
Do days pass on and nights go by
as we sit and watch the last soul die?
Our hearts grow hard, our senses cold
as the devil tightens his satanic hold.
Enough, Enough, God please arise,
wipe the sleep from our heavy eyes.
There's millions of people lost out there
heading down the road of 'No One Cares'.
Give us a heart to reach these lost
with compassion that gives whatever the cost;
Grant us courage to proclaim liberty
that Jesus died to set men free,
and rose again to give them life
as a Gift of love to end man's strife
-circa 1976