Liberman rolls out ‘most social budget ever’; predicts swift passage


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Liberman rolls out ‘most social budget ever’; predicts swift passage
Finance minister says he will submit 2021-2022 state budget to Knesset on Tuesday with the aim of it passing its first plenary reading this week
By TOI staff
30 August 2021

Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman will submit the two-year state budget to the Knesset Tuesday with an eye toward passing an initial vote on it by the end of the week, he said Monday. Liberman presented the plan at a press briefing in which he said the two-year budget would allocate NIS 432 billion ($135 billion) for 2021 and at NIS 452 billion ($140 billion) for 2022. Israel has not had a new budget approved by the Knesset since 2019, due to political gridlock and several subsequent elections.

The two-year state budget includes sweeping reforms of the kashrut establishment and the agriculture industry, steep taxes on disposable plasticware and sugary drinks, and considerable changes to import policies. Other major reforms include the gradual raising of the retirement age for women to 65 over the course of 11 years, at a rate of four months a year for three years, and three months a year for a further eight years.