Let's kill everyone over 75...


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Not that I've actually watched the film, but it seems to me that the point of the movie is to say that if they don't start having more children, they have already essentially consigned their elderly to oblivion with no one to take care of them


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There seems to be such an increase in people saying they need to end a life thru abortion because they can’t afford to bring a life into the world and now on the other spectrum people are implying that it’s selfish to grow old and cost the public money. There just seems to be an increase in evil, darkness and ending of life not at the hour that God decides, but man does, based around of all thing’s money.


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You know...this is a terribly sad but as well interesting barometer...as in, the elderly among the Japanese have always been culturally uber-respected...so much so that it has often put other cultures to shame. I found another barometer-worthy explanation in P. Garcia's latest article ("Running Out of Normal") this morning..."Although I suppose this is a subjective statement, I can't help but wonder how much more can we as a human population endure before life is no longer normal. For instance, if you live in North Korea or Iran and life has always been miserable, then this push towards global totalitarianism probably seems just more of the same. But for much of the rest of the world, this Orwellian push is not."

In other words, it's the CHANGE among populations, much like looking for different behavior (in your teenager, for example) than the norm as a trigger for something being off...that should have us "eyes on" even more.


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Didn't Ezekiel Emmanuel propose the same thing?

Reminder: Rahm Emmanuel's brother. An MD and "ethicist". He helped design "Obamacare".


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Remember this. Jesus said these things are "the beginning of sorrows" as his coming nears. It will not be a bed of roses. This can be a hard pill to swallow. These days will worse than the days of Noah. We use to have the "fire and brimstone" preached. Now there is soft pedaling messages that respond to realities but fail to convict us all of sin. It's hush...hush! I understand why God has "the rapture". Comfort and deliverance, toss in to those left behind an Awakening ( not an abandonment). God gives hope and grace as tribulation saints. Hard times will get much harder as He prepares to deal with the defiant ones.


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I am not surprised at this. In fact, I've been waiting for this shoe to drop.............for many years now.
If babies aren't important why should the elderly be?
If the mentally challenged aren't important, why should the elderly be?....
If the homeless aren't important, why should the elderly be?
To the powers that be, we are all considered unimportant and a drag on society..............

I'm 78........... if the Lord should tarry much longer, I will not be surprised at all to read or hear that people in the above
groups are being eliminated. So sad..............


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Can I say again that this doesn't seem like a literal suggestion? It seems like a modern version of "A Modest Proposal"


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Reminds me of that Charlton Heston movie Soylent Green

It reminded me of the Star Trek Next Generation episode in which they visit a planet that euthanizes it's citizens at age 65 (?).

David Ogden Stiers played the part of the soon to be dearly departed.

Whether the film is serious or satirical doesn't matter. It highlights the cognitive dissonance in believing it's okay to kill some humans but not others.

Once you decide that you are allowed to dehumanizing one set of humans in order to give yourself permission to kill them you have set up the conditions that will allow you to dehumanizing any human group that you find inconvenient in order to kill them.

That is the "give them an inch and they'll take a mile" theory of human behavior.
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A Japanese film-maker is shaking Cannes film audiences to the core with a dystopian vision of her country in which old people agree to be euthanized to solve the challenge of a rapidly ageing population.

This world is crazy, I want to go home already.
Sounds like a 21st century revamp of two classic American films around the same theme.

Logan's Run, and Soylent Green.


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Wouldnt that include a lot of the globalists n US govt ppl, even POTUS? Oh yeah, the rules only apply to the "common ppl"...
These people think they are the high and mighty more special than us little peons. Got news for them we are the Children of :thumbup:thumbup God. It will stink to be them if they don't become one of us a Child of God.:thumbup :thumbup