Lessons of one year of war in Ukraine - analysis


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Lessons of one year of war in Ukraine - analysis
The lessons of the war in Ukraine can help us understand what makes democracies strong and able to resist.

A year of war in Ukraine has brought tremendous suffering to Ukrainians but has also inspired people throughout the West, showing that supporting a democracy being invaded by an authoritarian power can become a rallying cry for democracies around the world. This is a unique time in history, because the general trend over the last decades has been the erosion of democracy. Ukraine has become a symbol of a broader struggle.

It’s not entirely clear why Ukraine, at that moment in early 2022, became such a symbol and why it was successful in withstanding the Russian invasion. For instance, back in 2014, Russia also invaded Ukraine and then annexed Crimea and set up two breakaway separatist areas in eastern Ukraine, called Donetsk and Luhansk.

Back in 2017, I went to the frontline in Marinka facing the separatists who were backed by the Russians. At the time the Ukrainians were constantly clashing along hundreds of kilometers of the frontline with the Russian-backed fighters. However, we had no sense at the time that the democratic world was there to support the front.

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