‘Leftist traitors’: Thousands protest in support of judicial reform


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‘Leftist traitors’: Thousands protest in support of judicial reform
Protesters at the scene chanted "the people want a judicial reform," "they are afraid" and "leftists go home."

Thousands of protesters in favor of the judicial reform gathered next to the Supreme Court in Jerusalem on Monday evening, with signs reading "leftist traitors," "[Meir] Kahana was right," "I am a second class citizen" and "they're stealing the election from us."

Two right-wing protesters -one adult and one minor- were arrested in Jerusalem on Monday night for blocking the road, according to legal aid group Honenu.

Right-wing groups including Regavim, Im Tirzu, Ad Kan, Bezalmo and Torat Lehima, organized the protest in response to the protest against the judicial reform and the coalition held in front of the Knesset earlier in the day. The extremist La Familia group also took part in the protest.

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