Left Behind series made me think of a question


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I have been re-reading the series since I found this site, and today a thought occurred to me that caused some concern. The first book tells how all unborn babies, and children under a certain age were raptured with all the believers. I'm currently in the middle of Desecration, before the a.c. violates the Holiest of Holies, when the narrative spoke of 'little children' waving fake palm fronds.

Now comes my question, if children are born during the tribulation, and they are no older than 7 when Jesus returns, and let's say that their parents aren't believers...what would be their fate? And let's suppose that their parents inflict them with the mark of the beast, would they be damned as well? I'm just curious really. :scratch:


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I don't know if this will help, but those still alive at Christ's return are not cast into the pit. They continue to live their lives. The Great White Throne judgment and the casting of the lost into the pit occurs only at the end of Christ's Thousand Year Reign. I am confident that God has everything arranged perfectly to deal with all eventualities at that time. Nothing comes as a surprise to Him. He is perfect and all His ways are perfect. :nod


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Ohhhh. It actually helps more than you know, because I had thought that only believers would populate the earth during the millennial kingdom. I need to purchase a good commentary to help fill in the blanks.


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Yes, well said matt!

It's not like the are going through the judgment and wrath for the unbelievers during and after the trib....