leading someone in sinners prayer?

Andy C

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I'm glad Jesus makes it simple to get saved. The person who has been convicted may not know everything they're supposed to be in agreement with or believe. They may not have a Bible or anyone to guide them. They might only know that they need Jesus thanks to the Holy Spirit convicting them, and they simply accept Jesus as their savior... and learn what's good to know later on... hopefully.
Agree, Salvation is simple, but sometimes well meaning Christians make it into a complicated, step by step process.

Erin 2015

I was talking to a brother about this and I dislike when people complicate salvation.

I think it is imperative that a new believer get connected to a good church and body so that they can start growing. A lot of us, myself included, get left in the baby stage for years without someone older to teach us the importance of reading the word and growing in Christ. It would really save a lot of headache down the line.