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Discussion in 'Science, Technology, & Natural Disasters' started by Terry, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    4 minute video will likely surprise you.
  2. SonSeeker

    SonSeeker Well-Known Member

    In its infancy, AI seems to be a boon,
    but in its maturity, it may prove to be a bane. :sad
  3. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    I don’t even know how this saves time. You still have to instruct the assistant,
    while in the same amound of time you can make your own hairdo appointment.

    The only grooming this assistant does, is making you more AI dependable.
  4. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    I noticed the AI robot even used Ummm at the front of it’s request. Then Mhm in a pause.

    The Umm made it more human, like it was unsure of itself evoking a helpful attitude in the human.

    The mhm is used after a silent pause to indicate expectant waiting & to encourage the human to respond.

    Both of those are techniques used in psychology to open up conversations further. The mhm is an open ended technique and ummm is used to decrease anxiety.

    Very clever and very manipulative
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  5. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    Umm, I like your comment!
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  6. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    Lol Erika, mhm I always enjoy yours too!!!
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  7. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    Ok Erika you know how the French use the word Donc as a placeholder or filler word so I am wondering if you have any similar expressions in Dutch?

    Think of how advanced the programs are if they have this in all the main languages to avoid sounding like a machine.

    It’s one of the tiny cues that native language uses to fill in while thinking.

    The fact they do that in such detail is astonishing
  8. Tall Timbers

    Tall Timbers Imperfect but forgiven

    There's always good and bad uses of new technology. The downside of AI is so potentially severe, and something that mankind may not have a chance of managing or controlling that I suspect that we have to be very near to the end of this era such that AI won't get overly developed. There will be so much chaos and carnage during Tribulation that I don't think there will be much in the way of increased knowledge during those year... i figure most advances will occur before those 7 years begin.
  9. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    I had to laugh about Donc. The Donk that came to my mind was the not so intelligent, but very strong friend of Crocodile Dundee...

    But yes, we have filler words too.
    Most used is: Uh, or Umm, same as yours, and another is “dus” which means “so” or “ergo”.
    The original meaning of the word is to sum up arguments and come to a conclusion, but nowadays it is used at the end of a sentence. No conclusion follows, it just hangs there. Very irritating (even though, I must confess, I am known to use it sometimes too).

    The filler words that really bug me are the Lords Name, Jesus’ precious Name and fullblown curse words.
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  10. SonSeeker

    SonSeeker Well-Known Member

    I know very little about AI, or artificial intelligence. But, I think one of the differences is this 'intelligence' is capable of learning. That is a huge step above programmers telling a computer program how to respond in certain situations. It learns how to respond in certain situations. It is a game changer for the entire field of computer programming, and also for the world. It sounds like the opening of Pandora's Box.:sad
  11. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    And there are some reports that these self teaching machines are talking with each other, outside the programmer's parameters. Not necessarily in this one in the OP, but other reports I've read. I'm of the opinion that sometimes machines can be influenced by the enemy, fallen angels whatever. The thought of a highly intelligent machine that is capable of reprogramming itself which is the essence of a learning machine, in the control of a Satanic entity, brings about the thought of that image of the Beast that speaks.
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  12. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    I loved Donk in the Crocodile Dundee movies. There was something nice and refreshing about those movies. Dus, to settle it sounds a little like the Canadian eh. We can have a whole conversation using that one useful word. How's it going eh? Eh, not so bad. Good to hear eh. The Americans can spot us in a flash! One eh and the cat is out of the bag, we are exposed as Canucks!

    But seriously, taking the Lord's Name in vain, is HORRIFIC and it's become so common. Never Buddha or Allah. It feels like a slap in the face.
  13. DanLMP

    DanLMP Well-Known Member

    What are you talking aboot? There's got to be more than one way.
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  14. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    :D Too right!
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  15. SonSeeker

    SonSeeker Well-Known Member

    Because it is! There was one time when I found it necessary to call out the person. Expecting a fight might ensue, I was shocked when I started speaking! It was a very calm explanation to this person that what he said was wrong, and it didn't do either Him or you any good at all. Normally, I would've picked up the nearest wrench and used that to get my point across.:doh Thank God, I am still a work in progress.
  16. DanLW

    DanLW Well-Known Member

    The um and hmmm is more likely the audio equivalent of a loading bar or spinning circle of waiting. That way while it is processing the request we aren't left wondering if we were heard.

    Since these things listen to us all the time anyway, I want one that will play back past conversations like a stenographer. That way when my wife says I said something that makes no logical sense that I would say, we could have a playback. But I wouldn't want it to be named Alexa. I want a Male AI named George who will take my side. That way my AI assistant can argue with my wife's AI assistant, and me and my wife can just move on with our lives.
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