Largest IDF drill ever wraps up penultimate week


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Largest IDF drill ever wraps up penultimate week
The week included numerous drills of almost every one of the IDF's branches, including air, ground and naval forces as well as intelligence, logistics, etc.
Published: MAY 27, 2022

The IDF concluded on Friday the penultimate week of "Chariots of Fire," the largest training exercise in Israeli history. The month-long exercise simulates all-out war on many fronts and is aimed at strengthening the country's defenses and the resilience of its home front, as well as increasing the effectiveness of communication between various corps and commands. This week's emphasis was on an IAF drill named "Lethal Arrow." The drill included all of the IAF's branches, including fighter and cargo jets, drones, helicopters, air defenses and special forces, which all operated with the support of the technical branch, air traffic controllers and staffers and command centers of both the standing army and reserves.

The drill included a war on the northern front while simultaneously facing challenges on other fronts. The forces carried out multiple attacks, practiced assisting ground forces and defending the skies against enemy aircraft. Also this week, the IDF 162nd Armor Division carried out a drill in the North. The drill's goal is to prepare the forces for a large ground operation incorporating other branches such as intelligence, technology and logistics, the IAF and others. The drill incorporated new technologies, the IDF said.