Lapid: We won't allow Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount


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Lapid: We won't allow Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount
PM makes appeal to Israeli Arab sector to vote for Yesh Atid in the upcoming elections.
Israel National News
Oct 18, 2022

Prime Minister Yair Lapid addressed the Arab public and asked that they vote for his Yesh Atid party in the upcoming Knesset elections, citing his government's support for Muslim rights on the Temple Mount and policy prohibiting Jews from praying at the site. In an interview with two Israeli Arab channels, Lapid stated that his government has done a lot in the fight against crime in the Arab sector, but qualified by saying: "It is not enough. There is improvement, but the improvement is too small. It is a process, and we need to make sure that this process continues and is strengthened."



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Obviously. Policy allowing Jewish prayer would be seen as signalling Jewish supremacy over the site, igniting the most volatile flash point in the Middle East.


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The Jewish people have every right to pray at the Temple Mount (I really wish they would come to Christ instead though). The muslims on the other hand have no right to the Temple Mount at all.