Lapid warns rebel MKs ‘will pay a price’ as polls show Netanyahu strength


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Lapid warns rebel MKs ‘will pay a price’ as polls show Netanyahu strength
Latest surveys have former PM’s current opposition bloc at 60 seats; Yamina’s Orbach said to give Bennett ultimatum to solve voting problems with Meretz, Ra’am within a week
By TOI staff
10 June 2022

In a message to the coalition’s various rebellious lawmakers, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned on Friday that “anyone endangering this government from within should know they’ll pay a price.” In a post to his Facebook account, Lapid added: “I offer you a better deal: to fight for this government, to hold on to it. To decide you’re on a winning team, not a team that loses to itself.” As the riven coalition continues to teeter on the edge of the political abyss, Lapid said, “If this government falls, the lesson will be that the politics that work are those of venom and incitement. I refuse to accept that.”

After losing its Knesset majority in April, the government has limped from one crisis to the next, and this week failed to pass a key vote on legislation renewing the application of Israeli law to settlers in the West Bank, with several Arab members of the coalition refusing to support the bill. The latest threat to the coalition is now thought to be Yamina MK Nir Orbach, who was at the center of speculation on Thursday as the latest potential defector in the government.