Lapid to 'Post': Saudi normalization with Israel will be in 'baby steps' if it happens


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Lapid to 'Post': Saudi normalization with Israel will be in 'baby steps' if it happens
In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said that if a new Iran deal is implemented, it will not apply to Israel.
Published: JUNE 1, 2022

Expressing optimism about the prospect of normalization with Saudi Arabia, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid told The Jerusalem Post this week that the direction seems positive and that if anything moves on establishing official relations between Israel and the kingdom, it will be “with baby steps.”

Will Saudi-Israel relations happen?

“It’s going to take time,” Lapid said in an interview on Monday, marking one year since the establishment of the government, which will appear in Friday’s Magazine. “The Abraham Accords were an explosion, and the year afterward, I spent the first three months of being foreign minister on a plane, going to open embassies in places we never dreamed of opening embassies."

“With Saudi Arabia, if it will happen, it’ll happen with baby steps. But I think some of those steps are being taken. I think that the American administration is game for this process, and we appreciate that.”

The heart of the Accords - America

When asked if Americans were playing a more active role than in the past, Lapid said he believed they were. “Israel has a lot to offer the world in general,” he said, explaining why countries like Saudi Arabia and others would want to normalize relations with Israel. “There’s an arc going from regional security architecture to innovation, to water and energy and so on and so forth. Israel is a superpower in some fields, and we are more than willing to share those abilities.”