Lapid pans ‘hateful’ discourse; Netanyahu suggests MK fabricated assault story


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Lapid pans ‘hateful’ discourse; Netanyahu suggests MK fabricated assault story
Foreign minister says he got death threat likening him to Hitler; Likud chief asserts coalition whip Silman must give proof she was attacked, or apologize
By Michael Bachner
8 November 2021

At faction meetings Monday, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned that the violent political discourse in the country could see a politician murdered. Meanwhile opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that coalition whip Idit Silman either provide evidence she was attacked by an opponent of the new government or apologize for making the claim. Speaking at a Yesh Atid faction meeting, Lapid warned the “hateful” discourse was defining Israeli society as a whole, and said he and his wife had recently received threatening messages.

Lapid said one such message expressed a wish he would die from cancer and likened him to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. “’You’re exactly like Hitler. You’ll get a bullet in the head from me or from someone else,’” Lapid quoted the message as saying. He said messages his wife received called for them and their daughter to face divine punishment. “May God take revenge on you,” one such message allegedly said.