Lapid and Gantz go from united duo to trouble in paradise


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Lapid and Gantz go from united duo to trouble in paradise
INSIDE POLITICS: The one who gains the most from the former couple’s bickering and infighting is Netanyahu, who is well known for his ability to split, divide and conquer his rivals.

Once upon a time, in February 2019, Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz were captured in an iconic bromantic photo. Ahead of the first round of elections, just a short while after they reached an agreement forming the joint “Blue and White” venture, Lapid and Gantz embraced in an intimate and warm hug, which was strategically photographed and tweeted to market the newlywed alliance to the masses.

The Gantz-Lapid duo presented the center-left camp with the most powerful and viable competition against Benjamin Netanyahu in years, but the fairy-tale honeymoon was short-lived: A year and three election campaigns later, their relationship fell apart, when Gantz decided to split from Lapid and explored Netanyahu as an alternative companion. Over three years have passed since the Lapid-Gantz breakup, but their dynamics still resemble those of a divorced couple, forced to live with each other and share a roof for the sake of the kids, while constantly competing over their love and affection.