LA leaders announce regional retail crime task force following spate of viral flash mob robberies


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LA leaders announce regional retail crime task force following spate of viral flash mob robberies
Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass says retail theft not victimless crime
By Stephen Sorace

In the wake of multiple flash mob robberies at high-end stores in the Los Angeles area in recent weeks, Mayor Karen Bass and local law enforcement on Thursday announced a regional task force aimed at stopping and holding the retail thieves accountable. "What we’ve seen over just the past week in the city of Los Angeles and in the cities and area surrounding us is unacceptable," Bass said in announcing the regional, multi-agency Organized Retail Crimes Task Force.



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Well now. Itten that special.
Elected officials have allowed lawlessness to run amok in California for years..gangs, riots, protests, etc..

I feel for the store owners, employees, security guards,customers and the police dept who it often seems is unable to fight crime.

With all the surveillance and technology available it seems they would be able to catch these criminals. Flash mobs start out with text messages, don't they? This behavior is so foreign to just doesn't happen here. It's disgusting.


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California is a hopeless cause because they keep voting in liberals than do not like harsh penalties for criminals. Pretty soon stores will close up shop and leave because of the crime. Look at Union Square in San Fransisco, which used to be a busy commercial hub for shoppers and many of the stores have left leaving "For Lease" signs everywhere.


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All the above! Honestly, it's too late. Once the Jenie is out of the bottle it's almost impossible to get it back in. The only remedy for new Zimbabwe (I saw California referred to as that) is to go to online shopping only. No more brick-and-mortar stores. It will happen.