"L" and his Illness.

Discussion in 'Personal Testimonies' started by newstate, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. newstate

    newstate Well-Known Member

    "L" was a friend of mine some years ago, and was a survivor of the same terrible illness
    that I survived. That was a cerebral Arterio Venous Malformation, called by many
    an "AVM". These are caused by a long ago birth defect, that sometimes hides out for
    decades only to hit us when we least expect it. Many are not fortunate enough to survive
    such an attack after a typical cerebral bleed, or other terrible problem.

    L had his "brain bleed" when he was working, and he was married to his fine wife, and they had one child. The terrible illness made the doctors decide to remove his sight center in his brain in order to
    stop the bleed. But then he was blind. He told me that he could see nothing, just some indistinct shadows, but nothing helpful to him. He was like this for seven years, and his wife went to
    work to support the family.

    One day he was taken to a healing service at a local church. The pastor prayed for him to be healed, after learning that L was a close relative of a pastor, and had some faith in Jesus.

    After this he got back some of his sight, and after more prayer he got back most all of the rest of it. Then some well chosen special glasses got him back to 20/20 vision.
    L had his vision back, and his life back. God is the best!
    Incidents of a sight center being restored to a different part of a brain are known to happen, but are very uncommon. Thanks to Jesus for what happened to L's sight. His life was restored.

    My life was also restored, but it was not as dramatic as what happened to L.
    If you need a healing, then I recommend being prayed over by a church into
    Christian healing of people in the 21st century.

    Praise Jesus.
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  2. Jan51

    Jan51 Well-Known Member

    Two questions. 1) Why would it make any difference who prays for you? 2) How can you know you "need" a healing? Isn't it more biblical to pray submissively "Thy will be done," not "mine"? God often allows pain, illness and accidents to happen to believers, even long-term, using those tribulations, and others, to conform us to Christ's image. He did not heal Paul or Timothy's stomach issues or Epaphroditus who Paul thought was going to die. God can us heal even if we don't get "prayed over," if that is His will. I would think He is more pleased when we willingly submit to whatever He brings, than when we think that we know what is best for us.
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  3. Lynn

    Lynn Well-Known Member

    Yes, Jan, we do have a great opportunity to learn & to trust more fully on Christ during the suffering & trials of this life.
    I'm thankful for every situation that provides brokenness instead of self sufficiency. However, in James, He does discuss a process to follow regarding confession of sin, anointing with oil by the elders, and prayer for the one who's afflicted. Many years ago, along with some elders from the church that our son pastored at that time, our son & the elders prayed for a young man in ICU that the doctors thought was not likely to live much longer (driving while drunk & had a car wreck). He acknowledged the sin, they anointed him with oil & prayed for him. This happened almost 20 years ago, and he was healed. As far as I know, he's still alive.
    PS to anyone reading this thread. Be very cautious of going to a church that teaches healing. Some of them are false word of faith, health and wealth type churches that focus mainly on temporal blessings rather than eternal life and how to obtain it.
  4. maryrae

    maryrae Well-Known Member

    I love hearing stories of miraculous healing! I'm also encouraged in my spirit to see God work through those who don't ever receive a long asked-for healing. He is absolutely in control in both cases! There are some things we just can't fully grasp until we reach Heaven, and even then I think issues like this that we grapple with (God's Sovereignty) will have us "gobsmacked" at the wonder of it all.
  5. newstate

    newstate Well-Known Member

    Thank you to Jan51 for good questions.

    OK, to me terrible illnesses, and other major adversities are in many cases
    things that the wonderful Lord uses to get our attention, and also change us
    into being people open to change and complete salvation in Christ Jesus.
    It can change us into people open to being used by the Lord to accomplish
    some very good things which are in his will.

    And how are we brought back from those terrible illnesses, to cement the deal?
    Well, sometimes at least he then heals us, and we will never forget that.
    Decades after being healed we are still thanking him for his wonderful healing
    mercy. Thank you God for my own healing and new life!

    What does he say in the scriptures? He needs us to have some small amount of faith
    that he can heal us, and we need someone of faith to pray for us for that healing.

    He does all things well! It is true. Thanks to Jesus!

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