Krakatoa is erupting


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I think it was "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". Watch that and you're ruined for life.
There was a Saturday morning cartoon of that. My brother watched it a few times but I didn’t really care for it. We did think the theme song was hilarious so we sang it a lot.

Don’t know if it has been mentioned but I think the erupting volcano is the new, “son” of the original Krakatoa on the opposite side of the island.


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Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii, when it erupted, that was the day when people were going to Pompeii to do all sort of wicked celebrations, like offerings to god of Volcanos and pretty much all manner of awful things. The wind normally blew a certain way but that day when it erupted it totally blowing in a different way. I do believe that was a judgment from God.

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I watched the video....there was no lava......wonder why.....
Not all volcanic eruptions eject lava. The Volcano Discovery website indicates the ash advisory is due to a discrete eruption. According to the Volcano Information Center at the University of California--Santa Barbara "Strombolian eruptions, named after Stromboli Volcano, Italy, are discrete explosions separated by periods of less than a second to several hours. They give rise to ash columns and abundant ballistic debris. Ejecta consist of bombs, scoriaceous lapilli and ash."

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I remember seeing this volcano, Anak Krakatau, during a flight from Jakarta to Palembang, Sumatra back in 2001 that took us over the Sunda Srait. It wasn't erupting back then, but there was a large plume of steam coming from the volcano, discernable even at 30,000 ft. I wondered at the time if it would ever erupt again. Part of the volcano's flank collapsed in late December 2018, causing a massive tsunami that inundated the west coast of Java, killing hundreds. It's a very dangerous volcano.
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