Knesset to return Monday amid storm in coalition


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Knesset to return Monday amid storm in coalition
Disagreements in Ra'am could result in a Knesset dispersal bill passing
Published: MAY 7, 2022

The leaders and faction heads in Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s governing coalition will hold a fateful meeting on Sunday to plan strategy ahead of the Knesset’s return from its spring recess on Monday. Bennett has been trying to steady his ship since his coalition chairwoman Idit Silman announced five weeks ago that she was defecting to the opposition. Wavering Yamina MK Nir Orbach said over the weekend that he would remain in the coalition for now because he does not see how a right-wing government could be formed in the current Knesset without going to elections.

The main problem for Bennett is currently inside MK Mansour Abbas’s Ra’am (United Arab List) Party. Abbas himself said in interviews over the weekend that he would not bring the government down. “Ra’am will not be the reason for the government being overthrown,” he told a Saudi news site. “The coalition is fragile but we will try to achieve many goals for Arab society.” But MKs Waleed Taha and Mazen Ghanaim have said that the party’s decision to freeze its membership in the coalition due to clashes with police at al-Aksa mosque has not changed and will not change in the week ahead.