Knesset dissolution bill passes initial reading


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Knesset dissolution bill passes initial reading
Vote passes 110-0 • Coalition threatens to bring forward bill barring criminal defendant from forming gov’t
Published: JUNE 22, 2022

Lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the initial bill to dissolving the Knesset on Wednesday, 110-0. The MKs approved 11 different proposals, nine by the opposition and two by the coalition, that were brought to the floor together in a parliamentary process known as “hatzmada” (literally “attachment”), in which different law proposals that are very similar are packaged together.

The bills will now head to the Knesset Committee, which will decide whether to continue the process in that body or in the Law Committee. The Knesset Committee is headed by coalition rebel MK Nir Orbach, while the Law Committee is headed by Labor MK Gilad Kariv. The body that receives the bill can control the pace of its passing.

“We left you with a flourishing country,” said MK Yariv Levin (Likud). “For some insignificant politicians, whose jealousy drove them out of their minds, it was too difficult. You joined politicians just as insignificant, whose appetite for power led them to give up on all ideological values and trample every promise [they made] to their constituents. Together, you formed a government that was weak, failing, and above all else, divisive and discordant.”