Karim Khan, new ICC chief prosecutor, to decide Israel’s fate


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Karim Khan, new ICC chief prosecutor, to decide Israel’s fate
When she ruled against Israel in March moving toward a full war crimes probe, she was acting as part of a group of internationalists who focus on getting justice for killed civilians.
JUNE 16, 2021

In a ceremony on Wednesday, British-Muslim international lawyer Karim Khan replaced Fatou Bensouda, after the latter’s nine-year term as the chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. In Bensouda’s place, Khan will be left to determine Israel’s fate in the criminal probe that Bensouda opened in March. Bensouda’s decision to open a full war crimes investigation against Israelis relating to the 2014 Gaza war, the settlement enterprise and the 2018 Gaza border conflict came after a legal battle dating back to January 2015. The outgoing chief prosecutor also threatened Israel and Hamas with new allegations of war crimes during the May 10-21 Guardian of the Walls conflict with Gaza. Still, Bensouda had strongly hinted at the possibility of her office eventually closing the probe against the IDF on the grounds that the Israeli military performs its own investigations, however imperfect, of alleged war crimes. Views are mixed about what to expect from Khan.

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