Kanye West Walks on Water During Sunday Service With Joel Olsteen


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I have a few that are unfit for this fine forum. People like Kanye West drive me nigh insane. The thought of him standing behind a pulpit makes me want to vomit.
When Kanye first made his public comments about Jesus and started having his Sunday services, there were many who made differing opinions about him. I felt that I can’t judge because I can’t read his heart. His public statements are not whether he pleases us but whether he pleases God because only God knows his motives. But one thing I did hope for him was that his intentions are to draw disciples for Jesus and not for himself. I pray he is genuine about his belief in Jesus, but God is not to be mocked and if his motives are for deception to draw disciples for himself and receive the glory that belongs to Jesus I pray he repents and turns around sincerely.