Just Show Them JESUS!

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    Just Show Them Jesus!
    By: Maxine M.

    John had taken on a new responsibility; a fourth grade religion class to teach
    So with young open minds, where do you start, their awareness and attention reach?
    An advisor told him, “Just show them Jesus!” He’s the heart of Christianity, the Savior needed by each

    Tell them Jesus isn’t just another “super hero”, but the very Son of God all the angels adore
    That when Adam & Eve disobeyed the Creator, sin entered the world bringing pain, suffering and more
    And ONLY God’s Son could be the One who could, man’s lost soul, restore

    How He came to be a baby so He could experience firsthand how children learn & grow
    In His ministry He held a special love for children, time & attention He’d bestow
    Others wanted to ignore & push them away, but Jesus rebuked them, letting His love flow

    Explain to them that Jesus is the kind, gentle Shepherd of His sheep
    Who guards, defends, protects & guides the flock; for even those who stray, a continual search He’ll keep
    Because He won’t abandon the LOST; He hears their lonely bleat, the desolate cries they weep

    He went about doing “good”, healing the sick, humbly teaching how to live in a Godly way
    Did miracles wherever He went and instructing how, to the Heavenly Father, pray
    Stressing: be honest, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t judge others, ALL 10 Commandments obey

    Now even you young children can comprehend how in the early Spring of His 33rd year
    Jesus was taken, arrested and drug off to be tried…before a “mock” trial appear
    While His friends & followers all ran away in panic, dismay and fear

    He was wrongfully accused of BLASPHEMY for saying He was God’s Son
    False witnesses lied about the words He’d spoken, the miracles He’d Graciously done
    Then He was mocked, spit on, His back beaten bloody & raw…His abusers thought they’d won

    A big heavy cross was laid on His injured back, but He was too weak to carry it up Calvary’s Hill
    So a bystander was demanded to carry it for Him…what a privilege to fulfill!
    Because, to be ABLE TO HELP JESUS, would give any “normal” human an extraordinary thrill!

    The children gasped as John described the horrors of crucifixion and its inhumane pain
    Stripped naked, sharp crown of thorns biting into His brow, nails driven into feet & hands, lungs under compressed strain
    But His mission was to die & pay for man’s sins, in this horrible way, John went on to explain

    He spoke from the cross forgiving words, words of love, a cry to His Father on High
    Not to forsake Him, then declared, “It is finished”…the eternal Plan of Salvation He supplied
    The Blood He shed as the Sacrificial Lamb, now to OUR sin He could apply

    He was taken down, wrapped in clean linen and placed in a brand new borrowed tomb
    Those who had crucified Him, rolled a stone in front & set a guard so there was no way they could steal the body, they’d assume
    Thinking rigor mortis would soon set in; His body, decay would eventually consume

    But they forgot, Jesus was the SON OF GOD, that He’d come back to life in resurrection’s light
    That the tomb couldn’t hold Him, He had defeated death by His holy power & might!
    The children loudly clapped with relief hearing Jesus was now ALIVE & alright

    He appeared to His friends & followers in a newly risen body that could walk through the wall
    Telling them they were to be true witnesses to His VICTORY, death defeated sin’s fall
    He made an encouraging promise that a Helper would come…comfort install

    The BEST PART, John continued, is even though Jesus went back to Heaven to be at the Father’s right side
    He is COMING BACK!! To gather all His believers, even those who have already died
    To catch then away (Rapture) from the terrible trouble coming…let them hide

    When those days of tribulation are over, as King in righteousness He will reign
    Every knee will bow & give Him Glory & Honor, praise in sweet refrain
    Those who have trusted Jesus as Savior will know their faith was never in vain

    So you see, John concluded, JESUS is the hope of the future and strength & help for today
    Ask Him every morning to aide you in whatever ahead this day may lay
    Since, even as children, you can KNOW Him, trust Him, His will you can obey
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