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I was baptized an infant into Roman Catholicism in 1944 but switched Protestantism in 1968.

I learned to use a PC without a mouse, when the only screen colors available were gray scale and amber. I think that was somewhere around 1988. My files were stored on 5¼ floppy discs. A computer with 500k RAM was considered the cat's meow.

We bought our first home PC in 1994. It had a 172mb hard drive and a 25mhz processor. It accommodated the 5¼ floppy and the 1.44mb mini floppy. If memory serves me, our version of Windows back then was 3.1

I'm not big on hobbies: just birding, hiking, target shooting, and of course internet forums which I began exploring in 1997 when we got our first internet-capable PC. The last twenty years online have been quite an adventure.

No college to speak of, only High School.

Served three years in the US Army as a 101st Airborne paratrooper. My unit was on standby, fully armed and equipped, ready to be in the air in one hour during the Cuban missile crises had President Kennedy given us the green light

A native Californian but currently residing in Oregon.

A welder from 1966 until retiring in 2006.

I've not had any formal Bible instruction, relying mainly on Sunday school classes, radio programs, and books. Fifty-one years of indoctrination hasn't made me an expert but I feel fairly competent in some areas.
Welcome to the forum. Your mention of the Cuban missile crisis gave me a flashback to when I was recalled at 04:30 A.M. to my unit - SCANG then flying F-102's for ADC. When I got to the base there were two planes at the end of the runway , armed and engines running awaiting the command to "GO". Sent chills down my spine that I still remember. War is no fun!
I also was into computers early on being a Clemson electrical engineer. 1st home model was the Commodore 64 running a blazing 1 Mhz in late 1982. Had to program it in basic to use the printer. Took me a full day to get it right.
Born in SC, I lived in NC, AL, FL, Mississippi, MO, MN, PA, GA, and TX before leaving for Italy. My greeting comes to you from Italy. And I have welded scrap metal in the shop as some of the welders hopelessly tried to teach me something when I had weekend maintenance supervisor duty while working in a big paper mill after the Air Force. So once again , welcome.


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Nice to have you here with us, OutWest! I'm California born and since adulthood have lived in this state. I was about 18 when the Cuban missile crisis was going on. Scary times, for sure. It's even worse now, isn't it? The whole world is in chaos now. But, it all shows how short the time remaining is, and our dear Lord will be coming for us so soon.......Maranatha!