Judge Jeanine Piro calling for microchips to be put in prisoners


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While listening to the news of capture of David Sweat the escaped prisoner on Fox News, Judge Jeanine was asked to comment.

What really fascinated me was her exasperation that prisoners such as lifers & other serious criminals aren't yet microchipped so that if they break out of prison or break parole, they could be tracked.

Mark of the Beast, will begin for what seems like very good reasons. Governments given power like that will only expand it.

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They would cut out the chips after they escape-I don't see how this would help much-if you can manage to escape from prison I don't think getting rid of a chip would be a big deal


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The fact it is being discussed as an option is fascinating. I agree if it is the simple under skin chip like animals, & I dont know anything about this, but what about deep inside the body where it takes major abdominal surgery to remove.


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Hmm, in the forehead maybe? Be difficult to get that out if in the right spot...at least without looking like the Walking Dead.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads...
~ Revelation 13:16


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If they can implant one chip why not about six or seven? Place them every which-a-way and an escapee will be obsessed at least for a while digging them all out. They'll have so many sores they'll probably beg to be taken in to see a doctor. Place a couple where they can't reach by themselves...like they used to do with small pox vaccinations. :lol


I can see why I'm not in charge of certain things....


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Why not just go for the detonating collar, get so many feet away, and boom.
Running Man anyone?

I'll bet that they researched it, and
decided the sonic deadline either wasn't effective enough, since they hacked it in the movie, or that people would balk... afterall prisoners get fridges, tv's, all kinds of stuff courtesy of the ACLU.