Judge dismisses remainder of Kari Lake’s election lawsuit following two-day trial

Tall Timbers

Imperfect but forgiven
An Arizona judge on Saturday ruled against Kari Lake in her challenge of Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs’s (D) victory, dismissing the highest-profile case challenging the midterm election results.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson following a two-day trial found that Lake had not proven that election officials committed intentional misconduct sufficient to change the race’s outcome.

Lake, who lost to Hobbs by about 17,000 votes, had alleged election officials in Maricopa County intentionally sabotaged her victory by causing Election Day printer malfunctions and violating chain of custody procedures.


Unless Kari can get this reversed on appeal and ultimately end up in the gov'ner's seat in Arizona, the Republic is lost. Trump can run, but no matter if 70 or 80 or 90% of voters vote for Trump, he'll still lose the election when the ballots are counted.