Journalist Megyn Kelly reporting unusual activity at the Vatican *confirming* the imminent resignation decision of the Pope.


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This creates an interesting problem.

There is still a living pope. The one that got shoved aside (er, stepped down to take early retirement) in favour of Pope Franny. The one whose beliefs are diametrically opposed to Pope Francis. He's conservative, Franny is liberal. He wanted reforms to clean up the church. Franny wants to open the doors to all the other beliefs and is quite fine with abortion and the alphabet crowd.

But Pope Francis and his gang have prepared for this from the day he kicked the real pope aside and took the reins of power. He and his crew of Jesuits have been setting a number of fresh new cardinals in place ready to vote their way forever. All leftist, in favour of the globalist agenda of Pope Francis.

So whoever gets "elected" Pope by this crowd of rent a cardinals will be on the lines of Pope Francis. Franny did his job, he paved the way for the newer Papacy. And I think that new Pope in waiting, will be ready to take the Papacy further than it's ever gone before. Whether or not this next Pope will be the False Prophet or not remains to be seen.

Meanwhile who needs a soap opera these days for a daily dose of :woah and :waaa


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this article from May 29th of this year explains how busy Pope Francis has been in stacking the deck of cardinals likely to hold his view point, including a nasty end run around the conservative archbishops in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

From the article:
"VATICAN CITY (Reuters) -Pope Francis announced on Sunday that he would appoint 21 new cardinals in August, including an Italian leading the Church in Mongolia, again putting his stamp on the future of Catholicism.

Of the 21, 16 are cardinal electors under 80 years old and thus eligible to enter a conclave to elect his successor after his death or resignation.

After the Aug. 27 ceremony to officially install them, known as a consistory, Francis will have appointed about 83 of the some 133 cardinal electors, increasing the possibility his successor will be a man reflecting his position on key issues.


"The promotion to cardinal of Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, California, is significant because he has been an outspoken ally of Francis’ pastoral approach in issues such as protection of the environment and a more welcoming approach to gay Catholics.

In making McElroy a cardinal, Francis passed over the conservative archbishops of San Francisco and Los Angeles, two large cities that traditionally had cardinals in the past.

BUT this Pope has also been culling the ranks of those conservative Cardinals who might be a threat to become Pope.

Back in Feb of 21 Pope Francis sort of "fired" Cardinal Sarah a solid conservative from Africa who was thought to be a real contender for the next Pope. Sarah was in agreement with Pope Benedict, a very conservative reform minded Catholic.

Here is an article that pretty much summarizes the 8 most likely successors.

Pope’s candidates for the next conclave​

This is our choice, based on our own analysis and decades of experience in reporting on the Vatican. The list is alphabetical.

  • Marc Ouellet
  • Pietro Parolin
  • Óscar Rodriguez Maradiaga
  • Robert Sarah
  • Christoph Schönborn
  • Antonio Tagle
  • Peter Turkson
  • Matteo Zuppi

In the article, Marc Ouellet is too old to really be a contender-- and he was in the running before and lost. Unlikely.

***Pietro Parolin is young enough-- born in 55, and a real power figure behind the scenes according to the article. I've read other articles that list him near the top. He is from Italy which automatically gives him an edge, although the last 3 haven't been from Italy-- Francis is Italian but hails from South America. He is the second in command at the Vatican and he is a very serious competitor for the job of Pope.

Maradiagra from Honduras another top contender, also a power figure. Ambitious.

Sarah of Africa has been on the losing side of a long battle with Pope Francis- a conservative. Pope Francis has been stacking the deck of voting cardinals by appointing liberals, young liberals with lots of life left to vote along Jesuit liberal socialist, globalist lines. No conservative will be allowed to win.

Schonborn of Austria is a maybe

Tagle of the Philippines considered too young, too ambitious but who knows.

Turkson of Ghana got outsted by Pope Francis in December 21. Another black conservative African candidate removed by Francis!

Metteo Zuppi from Italy, might be too young, unkown, few achievments according to the article.

Pietro Parolin seems to be top of the pack of contenders at the moment, but who knows.


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Wouldn't it be funny if the conservative Cardinals got together on one candidate on the first ballot and beat the (likely split) liberal Cardinals? :lol

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I'd love it if they could. The conservative Cardinals in the Catholic church are a small bunch and likely to meet the fate of the last Pope (also a conservative) Pope Benedict. Kicked to the curb. Silenced. Kept from making themselves felt. Just like conservative Catholics who feel betrayed by the current Pope-- Francis the Jesuit and probably the leader of the coup against Benedict.

I sort of wonder if this isn't also one of those things that God is using to gently lead some of the conservative Catholics (some of whom are genuine Christians), out of the clutches of Catholicism.

I look at the words of Jesus to Thyatira and He is addressing Christians in there. If Thyatira does speak of the Medieval church and the Catholics after the Reformation, as is likely, it is interesting that Thyatira does have believers in there who don't hold to the deep things of Satan. I often think of Catholics I know that I would consider saved, who are faithful in the Pro Life movement and either criticize or ignore much of what their church is up to.