Jordan’s King Abdullah imposes severe restrictions on half-brother


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Jordan’s King Abdullah imposes severe restrictions on half-brother
Prince Hamza was accused of trying to destabilize the monarchy in a foreign-inspired plot.
Published: MAY 19, 2022

The rivalry between Jordan’s King Abdullah and his half-brother, former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, took a dramatic turn on Thursday as the latter was slapped with severe restrictions. The dispute between the two reached its peak last year when Hamzah, 42, was put under house arrest after accusing Jordan’s leaders of corruption, incompetence and harassment.

The move came after an alleged coup plot against the monarch was reportedly thwarted by the Jordanian authorities. The alleged plot is known in Jordan as the “sedition case.” Two of Hamzah’s friends have been sentenced to lengthy sentences for their role in the case.

Hamzah had been named Crown Prince of Jordan on 1999, a position he held until his older half-brother, King Abdullah, removed him from power in 2004. Recently, Hamzah announced that he was renouncing his title of prince, saying his “personal convictions” were not in line with the “modern methods of our institutions.”