Jordanian charge d'affaires to reopen embassy in Syria

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    Diplomatic ties to be rekindled amid Arab world warming up to Assad again.

    A charge d'affaires has been sent to Damascus to start work again in Jordan's embassy in the Syrian capital, the Jordanian foreign ministry announced on Tuesday.

    Although diplomatic ties were never severed, relations were strained between the two middle-eastern neighbors since Jordan recalled its ambassador in 2011 amid events leading to the Syrian civil war.

    Syria has since accused Jordan of supporting some rebels against the regime, while Jordan expelled the Syrian ambassador in 2014

    But ties have become better in recent months, as Assad's isolation in the Arab world is starting to crack.

    Jordan reopened its border with Syria in October, allowing close to 30,000 Syrian refugees to return home.

    It is a drop out of an ocean of forced migrants, which Jordanian authorities estimate might be up to 1.3 million. But it has heralded the rekindling of ties, with Jordanian MPs going on an official delegation in November, and calling for a general boost of relations with Syria in December.

    There are strong signals that the Arab world as a whole is warming up again to Bashar al-Assad. The UAE announced it reopened its embassy in Damascus in December, and Bahrain is likely to do the same.
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    This is choreographed from Moscow. Putin is having some kind of high level talks on the future of Syria in Moscow this week. I get the Stratfor (John Bolton's think tank) videos and they were mentioning this happening this week. If I recall correctly they said Turkey and Iran were sending high level delegates to talk with their counterparts in Russia. Absent is Assad, the former ruler of Syria and current sock puppet of Russia.

    Russia wants stability in the area so they can do an "orderly" takeover of the oil fields held by the American allies the Kurds which is an area all of the big 3 want to carve up as the Americans withdraw.
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