Jordan demands increased control of Temple Mount


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Jordan demands increased control of Temple Mount
Jordan submits demands to US by which Waqf would have total control over visits by non-Muslims to the Temple Mount, impose more restrictions
Israel National News

Jordan has submitted to the United States a document in which the Waqf director in Jordan presents a long list of sweeping claims regarding the arrangements around the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. Commentator Ehud Yaari reported in Channel 12 News that the main demand is to renew what they call the "historic status quo", which the Jordanians claim requires the transfer of responsibility for the Temple Mount, including in the security field, to the Waqf, so that Israeli police officers will not be allowed to ascend the mount even in the event of violence and riots at the site.


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Biden and the Democrats will eat this up.
Israel cannot give in, or muslims will be free to kill from the Mount.