Jonathan Pollard visits Rachel's Tomb for the first time


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Jonathan Pollard visits Rachel's Tomb for the first time
Pollard visits Rachel's Tomb with his wife Esther, who comes full circle after visiting the site several times over the years.
Yonatan Gottlieb , Jul 29 , 2021
Jonathan and Esther Pollard at Rachel's Tomb.

For the first time in his life, Jonathan Pollard, together with his wife Esther Pollard, visited Rachel's Tomb, near the city of Bethlehem, on Wednesday. The worshipers and soldiers who were present at the site came to greet Jonathan Pollard with the blessing "Baruch Matir Asurim" (blessed is the one who frees the captive). Pollard was moved as he embraced the IDF soldiers. Esther Pollard, who has visited Rachel's Tomb many times over the years where she prayed for her husband's release from prison, felt that she came full circle with Wednesday’s visit to the site.

Rebbetzin Miriam Adani, director of the Rachel Tomb Heritage Foundation, greeted the Pollards with the blessing “Veshavu Banim Ligvulam” (and your children shall return to their borders) and presented them with a work of art she had painted herself - a painting of Rachel's Tomb showing Rachel Imenu's waiting for her sons.