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Discussion in 'Apologetics' started by Jeri minton, Jul 19, 2018.

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    Aha just found David James" critique of the Shemitah book here:

    and checking up on his latest the titles alone are getting very weird and new age and down right gnostic full of hidden keys, hidden mysteries etc. Doing a little fast digging thru the blurbs on Amazon for J Cahn is eye opening. He has gotten worse and is now aligned with the NAR movement which is the New Apostolic Reformation that C.Peter Wagner launched that teaches among other heresies, the old Latter Rain heresy from the late 1940's. His language is interesting, he continues to mislead by leading people to make conclusions, while never actually stating anything specific enough that he could be had out for being a false prophet.

    but it's following the old rule of gnostics which is "here, let me teach you some hidden mystery, but first you pay me for my secret knowledge that God has given me".

    His book -The Book of Mysteries is criticized at the Berean Call again here

    The other one is "The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint that holds the mysteries of our times" and a decent little article on it is here

    And both the newer titles seem to rehash his original Harbinger work only with fresh dates and details, not all of which are accurate as each critique points out.

    Then I also noticed he has reissued the Shemitah and Harbinger books, but "updated" which is publisher code for "we didn't sell enough copies last time, plus we were dead wrong, so here, have a NEW FRESH COPY with NEW FRESH PREDICTIONS at a NEW FRESH PRICE" so we can make more money.
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    Glad that you posted "Dave Hunt's article....I was going to post it....there is a "good apple/ bad apple list somewhere on Rapture Forum....I try to check if I'm not sure about teachers....Stand Clear of the Bad ones....
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    ooo just read thru that comprehensive list, well done to those who put it together, that is a lot of work. I agree with the thumbnail analysis of each person that I have read extensively on that list and there are a few both in the good and the bad sections.
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    I'm late to this thread, but did he ever get back to you?
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    I read the book too a number of years ago and it was an "OK" read I guess. I probably didn't have enough discernment at the time to really dig into it critically in terms of theology but I didn't outright buy into it either. In terms of being just an "interesting read" it wasn't bad, but the literary device he uses to unfold his theory gets tiresome towards the end.

    Either way, I don't place any weight in it.

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