Joining—— finally


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Welcome to the forums !!! Cute about the “twirl”. You’ll have to explain that one to those of us who haven’t heard that terminology. (Some of us are slow - like me).

:welcome :wave


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Hello. I’ve been following for a couple years and just decided to join. I was saved in 1957 while at a Chil Evangelism Meeting in a teeny weeny town in northeastern Pennsylvania. I can remember how I felt that day as if it were yesterday. I’m 67 and I think back on it often . I twirled all the way home. Five year old girls twirl . But I was three feet off the ground. I cannot wait to meet that wonderful young woman that came to that little Pennsylvania town and led me to Christ in our pastor’s garage. I will know her instantly in heaven. I have been expecting Jesus to return my whole life . If I die before , it’s okay . If I’m still alive , it’s okay . Even so come quickly , Lord Jesus
We will be twirling again one day really soon in Heaven. I hope our white garments are good twirlie-dresses. Any of you ladies out there know what I mean. Some dresses just twirl better than others!