Joe Biden Is In a World of Trouble


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...and we're supposed to be the bad guys.
:thumbup We are!

It means we're doing something right. We're the puzzle pieces that don't fit. The ones that when you take a good look, belong to another a puzzle picture, with different color backings.

I don't mind being a misfit in today's world. The christians that fit in, well, I'm happy to not be counted amongst them.


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When we are taken up and God takes his hand off unbelieving mankind's world! unbelieving mankind will have to explain what held things together!
And the Antichrist will have all the “answers to the questions they don’t want to know”. With AI developing at such a rapid pace now, I wonder how anyone will be able to survive without being found by technology? But God can still protect people as he chooses.
Anyone remember the old saying “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya?” The hatred for Christians is rapidly becoming the norm, and with the WEF cabal openly forcing their evil agenda over the whole world, I wonder sometimes just how many people will be raptured. We are witnessing how the past few generations (at least) have been raised to worship technology and see God as “dead”. (If they ever considered Him as existing).


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That's exactly why we have parts of our crib (house) in order and ready for early tribulation survivors. Information on paper and usb drives, Bibles, some food and potable water, extra energy, renewable energy and electronics and other vital things that might keep someone/s alive long enough to place their faith in Jesus.

I know we're not alone in the above. It's very exciting to consider the energy, effort and resources Christ followers are committing to our future brothers and sisters in eternity. It will be fun to meet them in glorified person.

As for the OP... gangtas gonna gangsta.
This! For about a year now I've been prepping. Not for my husband and I, but for the poor souls left behind. Got food, water, a letter on the fridge with the envelope saying READ THIS if we and a bunch of other people have suddenly gone missing. Also David Jeremiah's book After the Rapture prominently placed, sure to be seen.


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The more I'm looking around at the news across the world, the presence of The Restrainer is so obvious. It's like He's holding back on so many dams that are threatening to break.

When we go up this world down here will face everything they started and pushed for, only ALL at once. They've gotten used to The Restrainer too-- I don't think they realize the explosive potential of all the economics, wars, anarchy, AI, plagues etc. There won't be a single spot on the globe that won't be terrified and looking for an escape -- paving the way for the AC to arise.
It appears to me that the entire world is a train wreck, and indeed the restrainer has to be holding back the destruction. If we could see with our eyes all the danger we are being protected from we would probably have a stroke.


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There is no doubt in my mind that this has been set up in order to remove him. My guess is Kammy steps down, offered a lovely beach house next to Bernie's, Gavin is appointed VP and then Joe and Jill are ousted.
I think you are on to something. Joe and Jill
will need a nice house too but these and other physical relocations may require a modified Stephen Hawking motorized wheel chair whose controls can be hacked at any time by Joe’s handlers. Some “Weekend at Bernie’s” special effects will be needed: A friendly wave, a Joker-like smile, and prerecorded short tapes:
“I resign effective immediately”
“I apologize to America for my stupidity.”
“Hunter and I stole everything that was not nailed down”
Remember that Dem campaign ad that showed a Republican pushing Granny in a wheelchair off a cliff because they didn’t want her to get Social Security?
(I don’t know why that just popped into my mind.)


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I wouldn’t be at all surprised once they get a new vice president in there because I don’t think Kamala will do.
At this point into their shakedown, I don’t think they give a hairy rat’s foot who they prop up as (p)resident. We have a cracking hen who repeats the same word phrases six times in one sentence, and doesn’t seem to hear herself. And without a doubt a man who is rapidly
advancing into dementia, and can’t even follow visual prompts and “earbud” messages, and lashing out In angry retorts when questioned or challenged.
Even when Obama was “installed” in 08’, I never dreamed I would live to see something so evil happen to the U.S. and the whole world. Satan is “on a roll” and the train is about to pull into the station (I PRAY).