Jewish entrance to Temple Mount in danger of collapse - report


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Jewish entrance to Temple Mount in danger of collapse - report
Palestinian media claimed that plans were being pushed forward to build a new bridge to replace the damaged one.
JUNE 6, 2021

The bridge to the Mughrabi Gate, which Jewish and other non-Muslim visitors use to enter the Temple Mount, is in immediate danger of collapse, an expert engineer for the Western Wall Heritage Foundation warned on Thursday, according to Channel 13. The wood of the bridge will not afford safe use for an extended period, wrote the engineer in a document, advising that the bridge be replaced "without delay" with a steel bridge in order to avoid constant maintenance and protect the bridge against fire.

The engineer stressed that the wood is extremely dry and cracked and that past attempts to treat the wood had failed, according to Channel 13. Previous attempts to build a new bridge at the site failed in 2011 and in 2014, after pressure by the Jordanian government. The wood bridge has served as a "temporary" replacement for a damaged stone ramp since 2003. Multiple warnings concerning the bridge's condition have been issued in the past decade. The warning comes amid heightened tensions surrounding the Temple Mount after riots and clashes with Israeli security forces at the site sparked a two week long conflict with the Gaza Strip which ended with a ceasefire a few weeks ago. Terrorist groups in Gaza have warned that any "violation" of the Temple Mount would renew the conflict.